Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Hug a cabbie

Yesterday, Newcastle city centre, a taxi driver shimmied past me (dangerously), and I met him again at the next traffic light. (The usual.)

I pulled up next to the driver's window. As he wasn't indicating but I wanted to turn right, it was a call I made. His window was half-down.

Initiative: You drive me crazy
And I explained "If you could give me a wider berth, I'd feel safer, and I'd appreciate that. Besides you may have noticed it is particularly blustery today, and an even wider berth would be even more appreciated."

So far so good.

Cabbie's reply "Get a plate."

I "And just to let you know, you are parked in the bike box, which is reserved for bicycles only."

Cabbie's reply "Get a plate."

When he was pulling away, he turned left. No indicator. And I shouted after him "Your indicating would be appreciated also."

You gotta love them for their courtesy, professional driver's expertise and intimate knowledge of the Highway Code.

Hug a cabbie. 
I love cycling me

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