Saturday, 5 November 2011

Zombie kids

We are failing our children. Here's how.

Northeast of England 'sports' the most obese kids in our green and pleasant land. 

Roll yourself to school
Roll yourself to school

As a kid in the Northeast you have two options to go to school: 
Mum will fix it! She's got a car. Just evolve into a ball and roll next time, your legs are not required any more. 
Alternatively, get on your bike or walk. But, oh, it's your parents who don't let you, because there's too many cars? Pity.
Some stats...
UK childhood obesity on the up again and now the foie-gras children... stuffed livers 
The general UK population not faring any better.
We are Europe's unhealthy fatsos.
And for the Northeast England? Well, we are amongst the fattest adults and children in our country.
Prof Stephen Singleton, Director of Public Health in the Northeast and patron of the Newcastle Cycling Campaign:
"Without help, overweight children will become overweight or obese adults and will be at increased risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure, diabetes and stroke."
Hey, kids! So what do we do?
We'll just keep incarcerating you indoors in houses and cars, because the notion of fresh air is too scary. No notion of independence, freedom, and growing up free-thinking individuals... we keep strangling you with apron strings. 
Polls show that 30% of you actually want to cycle to school... 
Undeterred, we are now bringing you up as Little Scardies who cannot face the world, are socially inept and not equipped to evaluate real risk. All because we deprived you of a chance to try things out and learn by doing. Packed in cotton wool. Bereft of essential life skills.
And so we continue to 'drive' you away where-ever when-ever we can. From a free range existence, from public spaces...

Fun Newcastle!
A sign. At Newcastle Civic Centre

When will the madness end... all the sugar & fat and game consoles have made you calm and obedient. Everyone's a winner. Sort of.

Fun North Tyneside!
A sign. Longbenton public green space
A new take on ageism.

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