Friday, 27 January 2012

Creating space for cycling (physics 101)

I am passing through here on my way to work. It's awful to cycle. Too much conflict with drivers, too little space for cycling. And a transport (pedestrian safety, traffic calming) scheme at the southern end which does not work as intended. The twenty speed limit, ah, well, replaced by hostile driving. The usual.

Made me think.

How DO you create space?

Well, in this instance let's make it a one-way street for driving and use the space gained for a two-way cycle way. Easy.

Fig.1 Before and after
Fig.2 Before and after
Fig.3 Before and after
Sometimes you just have to compromise car user amenity to make a safe cycleway.

For the ones interested in the wider road context, and who wants to check out the driving detour, here's your map.

South Gosforth Map
South Gosforth (part) map


  1. Surely much simpler to just stop it up as a through route for motor traffic (which could use one way streets)? Creating several home zone type schemes in the area likely to be of more benefit that building what looks like an express cycle route through residential back streets.

  2. Yes. A cycle express route! Ultimately linking (South) Gosforth to the city centre via Jesmond. Bring it on.

  3. If this is to happen it would be only good for the residences if the type of cyclists that come along are gentle commuters in upright bikes. No point replacing an unpleasant road full of manic car drivers to be replaced by manic cyclists in Lycra charging up and down the front street where young children would like to play.