Saturday 5 May 2012

Driverless car needs nappy change

We are all making mistakes. And words can kill. I propose to change the way we talk about cars and driving.

Media can start rectifying public’s perception by making driving an activity again, and by stopping the devolution of decision-making to the ‘mysteriously active dead object’, the car. A car cannot do anything without the driver. A driver drives. It’s really simple. Please media, pretty please, put the decision-making body – the driver – back into the car.

Another example.

Take the tediousness of media’s traffic reports! Boring! An industry in itself. Almost entirely irrelevant to other forms of travel than the private car. In fact, if we got those private drivers off the road, and underwent a road diet, commercial and professional drivers would have a much better time.


We simply cannot  believe the possibility that we may just be okay without our car. It’s ludicrous, we think, how would we survive? But look elsewhere, abroad, and, yes, we can. How bizarre. It’s all in our heads. If you live in a city, you should not need a car. If you do… better walking conditions, cycleways and improved public transport are the real answer.

To me as someone who walks and cycles, the Highway Code is one of the most laughable books to read. You gotta have a real GSOH to survive it without at least a (possibly cynical) giggle, if not sarcastic wailing and sobbing. Get it off the shelf and read it. It’s patronising the populace into submission. Thereby absolving the motorist of any responsibility, mothering the motorist, feeding it its black milk.

It stinks. Time for a nappy change.

All this of course is just a symptom of our car-centric oiled old thinking. How much does your language shape your mind? I’d say the connection between words and action is huge. Currently we are trapped in our own minds and will remain doing so if we aren’t kicked up our own arses.

 And it’s our streetscapes and road environments too that need a make-over. Once our children can play outside (and some even have to be convinced of that benefit), safely walk and cycle to school, we will know common sense has prevailed.

We are far from it.

Motorists are cry babies.

For this nation to thrive and live, and engage and be happy again, we have to be weaned off our car dependence. Transport inequality is rife, and must be tackled at high quarters. We have to be made to take responsibility for our actions.

Good parenting's tough love is the answer, because we’ve renounced our own liability.

We’ve been allowed to do so by the authorities, and the media, the legal system and enforcement bodies. The motorist’s nappy is full of black crap. It’s stinking to the heavens. It chokes, it kills.

National government, groups and bodies all have their role to play to lead and guide us out of this mess, and house train us for a clean and healthy future. Dear ministers and media, please let the nation grow up.

Words can kill. Sounds harsh? Maybe you’ve been had. Use your head.

Seen on bus X11

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  1. Its a bit like Dead of Night... The puppet is the one getting the blame but someone has their hand up its back pulling the strings.