Saturday, 9 June 2012

Just jerking

Myth 1 "Cycling is not an actual form of transport. Only frustrated people cycle."

Busted! Experts say that people who cycle are more likely to enjoy life and are more sociable.  

= = = =

Myth 2 "Cycling leads to psychological problems."  

Busted! Cycling does not cause any physical or psychological problems. Anxiety and fear caused by myths about cycling can cause psychological problems.

= = = =  

Myth 3 "It's more acceptable for boys to cycle than girls."

Busted! It's natural for boys and girls to cycle - both do it.  

= = = =

Myth 4 "Only young people cycle. It’s abnormal if you are middle-aged and you still cycle."

Busted! Some people do cycle in old age. It is less common in the elderly but certainly not abnormal.

= = = =

5 Younger people shouldn't cycle often, as they will lose the ability to have children in later life. 

Busted! Younger people will tend to cycle more often than adults as their hormone levels are at the highest they will be in their lifetime.

= = = =   

Myth 6 "Cycling causes hair to grow on your palms."  

About 98% of adults have reported that they've cycled at some time in their lives. I don't know anyone with hair on their palms. How about you?

= = = =

Myth 7 "Cycling causes blindness and acne."
Busted! This oldie but goodie probably ties to the fact that teenagers generally stop cycling around the same  time that puberty hits, the time of acne and when many teens get glasses. 

Can you spot what it is yet?

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