Sunday 12 August 2012

User hierarchy vs priority

The user hierarchy (MfS) is a vulnerability scale, it means that more dainty subjects possibly require more thought in the design process and better physical protection. It does not however mean that pedestrians (as the most dainty road users) will always have priority over others.

To allow a good balanced flow of traffic (walk, bike, drive) on sensibly defined designated routes, road user priorities are adjusted accordingly.

And it's that balance that's ostentatiously out of balance in the UK.

Here are a few food-for-thought examples. Please note, that I won't bore you with 'walk over cycle' (that's UK norm) or 'drive over cycle' (that's UK norm) - so for some rather more 'deviant' priority variances here it goes.

Cycle over walk:

Brühlstraße, Hannover, Germany, By @rustybonkers

Cycle over drive:

Jägerstraße, Hannover, Germany, By @rustybonkers (yes, the bike bloke does look rather silly for German standards)

Meanwhile in the UK...

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