Thursday 25 October 2012

Oh, and the motorbiker is the lynx

Meet the felines of the transport zoo!

Feline transport zoo

The kitten is playful, it skirts about, zips around and can be rather disobedient and cheeky!

Cats are a bit bigger, a bit faster and more purposeful in their approach. A hint of mischievousness can still be detected, but cats don't linger as much, don't scoot about as much - at least not compared to the kitten. There are many cat breeds, ranging from small and timid types to larger and more assertive ones.

Here's another one: the lion. When it comes to characterising the lion, he's rather strong, and he's fast too. He has a lot of power and might, especially in comparison with the cat and kitten.

But compare that to the sabre-toothed tiger! He's bigger still in stature, stronger still in muscle power and he has very long sharp teeth.

Feline transport zoo

What happens if you put them all in one enclosure? Well, the kitten is usually kept separately from the others in the UK Transport Zoo, and it is clear why. But the cat, lion and sabre-toothed tiger are often left to fight it out amongst themselves.

That's why there aren't so many cats about.

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