Friday, 29 March 2013

Grave concern

This bizarre lecture about cycle paths and graves was given to me this week.
"I would be disappointed if your [sic] felt it was acceptable to run a cycle path over graves or near new graves where there will be people in mourning, personally I think it isn't."
Absolutely perfect in its passive-aggressive style. Rest (no pun intended) assured death is always on my mind as this random occurrence shows.

So my answer should be this.
This piece of paper (picture below) is what I saw one morning when I opened up my laptop. I was preparing for a Newcycling members meeting with the topic 'road justice' - or possible lack thereof. As someone who's campaigning for safe space for cyclists death is sadly on my mind quite regularly.
Let's commemorate.
Elizabeth Brown - aged 43 from Jesmond
Killed near Cramlington in April 2011 on her commute to work

Rev Michael Malleson - aged 69
Seriously injured on Heaton Road Newcastle in late November 2011 and died in early December 2011

Lee Anthony Davison - aged 31
Killed on Cherry Blossom Way, Washington, in January 2012

Natasha Beverley - aged 21
Church Bank, close to the junction with Ropery Lane in Wallsend in 23 August 2012 at 3.45pm

A scrap piece of paper

In remembrance of any events that may have caused distress to the general population, the DfT has acted promptly and decisively and introduced a new road sign. Sign diagrams 66.6 (flesh-eating) and 666 (flesh-eating vampire).


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