Friday, 31 May 2013

Encouraging and promoting looking away

No parking spaces left
Bicycles galore - a natural overspill bike park
Ever felt the guilt when giving a charity street collector a wide berth? Guilt rarely makes you do things, does it?

It's like that for the general UK populace when it comes to "promotional campaigns designed to encourage better travel behaviour" or to you and I : when people are asked to get out of their car and take up a sustainable travel choice, and particularly cycling. They give it a wide berth. They know they ought to, they might even like the idea of it, but - alas - [insert excuses here].
  • I am in a rush
  • I have no money for that
  • They can stick to their own kind
  • They are odd anyways
  • Someone else will do it
  • It's not my problem
  • I'll just pretend I didn't see them

Jesmond Park West
Car parking in cycle lane - not so cool on route to school

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  1. I have seen encouragement campaigns come and go and pretty much do bugger all. We need to build our way out!