Saturday, 13 July 2013

ICE breaker

From: Katja Leyendecker
Date: 28 June 2013
Subject: Crossroads
To: NCE Editorial

Isn't it a bit naive of [the President of the Institution of Civil Engineers] Barry Clarke to call for Ethics in Engineering when the Institution is still part of the obnoxiously overbearing road lobby, as could be seen in the SoN Transport report.

Build it, clog it up, build more. Repeat again. Perpetuating the pipe dream of unlimited resources.

Although - I must congratulate the Institution on the comments on liveable cities and cycling infrastructure.

Crossroads? Where to go? Where does sustainability and resilience "fit in" with the ICE?


nce 11 July 2013

Previously on the same channel of professional institutions - ICE also say good things about cycling  as these groups rightly acknowledge.


Yes, it is confusing too. As the original letter title says; crossroads.

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