Saturday 10 March 2012

Crossroads for Minister for Cycling

Cycling CultureIf I've had the chance to put a few thoughts towards Norman Baker MP, Minister for Cycling, here they are.

Political will must be strengthened, and cyclists are asking for more and better investment in cycling. The rate should be £10-20 per person per annum, and must be sustained over decades to come. Despite all the big announcements by the minister and his colleagues, current cycle investment remains at 60p pp pa.

Cycling design expertise is urgently needed if we are serious about changing our streetscapes. Could the minister resurrect Cycling England and take up the offer of help from the Dutch Embassy?

Of course it is great to see grassroute initiatives like 'See Me Save Me' by Eilidh Cairns' family, supported politically by Fiona Hall MEP and Alan Beith MP. The Times 'Cities Fit For Cyling' campaign is another initiative coming out of a tragedy (cyclist in a coma). Do we want to continue on this reactive road? Or is it time to recognise the crossroads we are on and turn to positive action?

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