Sunday 21 October 2012

Just a road safety lecture

A Newcastle MP endured this lecture from a Road Safety minister. Yes, the new one, Stephen Hammond, not the old one. Date 5 October 2012 it reads like this.
Thank you for your letter of the 19 September, enclosing correspondence from your constituent [...], Newcastle upon Tyne, [...], concerning EDM 407, victims of road accidents. I am replying as Minister responsible for road safety.
Fatal collisions are treated seriously by the police with a thorough investigation which will sometimes include a reconstruction. All the circumstances including driving behaviour and vehicle condition, are carefully considered and, in association with the Crown Prosecution Service, action taken whenever appropriate.
It is for the courts to decide on the appropriate sentence for an offender and in doing so they will take into account all details of the offence, including any aggravating or mitigating circumstances and the sentencing guidelines. Sentencing guidelines are produces by the independent Sentencing Council.
No mention of forwarding this to the appropriate minister ie Justice.

Well that's British Cycling and Julian Huppert MP telt then.

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