Friday, 6 July 2012

Abandon all hope ye faithful

After decades of asking the motorist to share (and care, haha), continuing car dependence and no real bouncy stats about biking numbers*, isn't it time for a new approach?

I have seen enough depressing cyclists. They are good at popping up in meetings and scupper plans to improve cycling conditions. "I am ok to share the road! You just need confidence!" - "We won't get much anyways. Just ask for a little, then you may at least get something."

They are talking to themselves. I am not one of them. I am not a cyclist. It's all these years of indoctrination that we aren't worth much, there isn't enough space... combine that with the  'progress' of incremental change... this is the Piecemeal pedal pickle we are in today.

I can't hear their patronising drivel any more. I tell you this much. It is them who require to find the confidence.

The confidence to ask for more.

More campaigning confidence. More influence. More space. More people cycling.

To really halt the car rise and stop the waking and cycling decline, we need to reach out and listen to what 'normal people' tell us.

"It's dangerous! There's no bike lane!"

For God's sake, given them one.

* Yes, the numbers may be slightly up. Oil prices are too.


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  1. Bingo! Ask for more. Stop letting those who design and control our public space get away with making our lives more dangerous and less pleasant.

    And now for something different!