Saturday, 7 July 2012

Car demon, often #driverless

This is what a car looks like to me.

Car demon
It's a thing that's out there to get me. Every day.

Apparently they contain something called 'a driver'. I try very hard to make eye contact with these elusive creatures (are they human?), but these folks seem to typically stare blankly into mid distance. Maybe there's an explanation, and these 'drivers' suffer from this motion blindness thing?

This one is a gud'un too. Vividly hammers home the inadequacy of the human brain to see objectively. Dare to stare at it and see what happens.

And these 'drivers' - with their severely diminished capability, help of their guardian demon and a supportive motoring society with an excessively glorifying car culture - are often the only witnesses when it comes to a cyclist or pedestrian death.

Ouch. It hurts.

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