Saturday 1 September 2012

Car (Fouling of Land) Act 2012

To address the imbalance and allow the true price of motoring to be outrightly accounted for, I propose a Car (Fouling of Land) bill to be passed through Westminster (may contain nuts) with immediacy.

Newcastle is leading the way it appears...

Car Fouling Act

The cost of motoring does not reflect the damage that we do by allowing "access all areas" by private car. It's like an open day. Every day.

Health, pollution, social exclusion and inequalities are not accounted for in the price. Making motoring massively subsidised by society. And unsustainably so. Just imagine a world where everyone drove around in a car.

It's simply impossible.

Space limitations for one thing.

The Categorical Imperative forbids it.

The age of individualised motor transport build on chillingly cheap oil has peaked. We blindly  ambled over the summit, and it's all downhill from here.

An uncontrolled tumbling is to follow.

Unless we reign in the Rise of the Machines, we'll get truly bugged by the Matrix. Knock, knock, Neo.

Would you answer the door?

How would we explain the enormous egg on our feeble faces to our children? Of ostrich  proportions. The carpet has a whole elephant swept under it. But it's still in the room. Remember the hat of Le Petit Prince? He holds his little head in shame, shaking. As are the Wombles. And the Clangers, the Lorax, the mouse Frederick et al.

Even the Hungry Caterpillar gets a stomach ache by overcompensation, and subsequently restrains itself on Sunday.

This posting is brought to you with a smile, and of course inspired by my recent reading such as The Energy Glut and Traffic Jam. Don't do it! But buy it and READ it. Busy life, don't happen to have the time? Well, why not WATCH this instead...

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