Saturday 29 September 2012

Something good, finally

I am dreadfully aware that I am not singing praises. But I'd hasten to add, that I am keeping my ear to the ground, and I am not singing because there is little about that requires serenading.

However, this is worth a mention.

Cath and I cycled along our usual getting-out-of-Newcastle route and came across this wonderful setup.

Newcastle have remodelled Brunton Lane to remove through-access by private car and prioritised sustainable modes (walking, cycling and public transport). What previously was a free-for-all bully-wins scenario, has now been altered to look like this:

To put it into words
  • walking: footpath (curiously widened in places, further along)
  • cycling: continuous (woohoo!) cycle lane, using bypasses
  • public transport: controlled access by rising bollards
Well done!

Private car access is now via Great Parkway... no major hardship, though one suspects that the Mothered Motorist had a few things to say during the consultation phase.

Thanks, again, go to the council for standing firm.

For the overall spacial context have a look at this map.

View Great Park access in a larger map


  1. Yip, didn't take long. Someone's run into the bollards.


    Location Brunton Lane Great North Park

    Details ROAD CLOSURE

    Brunton Lane closed, between its Junctions with Roseden Way and Netherwitton Way(East side of A1 Flyover) following a RTC 29/10/12. The mechanical bollards at this location have sustained damage as a result of this collision, and as a result are not going back down into the carriageway.

    Start 30-Oct-2012 14:26
    Estimated end 02-Nov-2012 16:26