Sunday, 23 June 2013

Social laboratory: urban roads

It's time that we cease the experiment in the social laboratory that is our urban roads. It's time to call a halt and announce that the let's-share-and-care experiment has failed. After all this experimenting, the UK should be one of the best by now. Yet we are one of the worst when it comes to integrating anything other than the private car. The voices of vested interest were not assessed adequately at the outset and their effect underestimated. We missed to understand their skewing effect on the entire experiment.

The circumstances under which we call off the experiment is that
  • it is inherently cruel on its participants
  • the original premise was proved wrong (the test bed never was a level playing field)
It's therefore good to know that solutions are widely available (see liveable cities, Amsterdam, Copenhagen etc).

Tankerville Terrors
Kid bike chained to bend railing, Tankerville Terrace, Newcastle

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