Sunday, 27 October 2013

Questions for Cyclenation

Cyclenation's resources webpage (27 October 2013) links to Annual Report 2010-2011 [pdf] which contains no financial statement. No other accounts are available. Please could anyone from Cyclenation be so kind to answer these organisational and policy questions?
  1. Do you publish your financial accounts?
  2. Are there annuals reports for subsequent years?
  3. What's your stance on what you call "high-quality segregated infrastructure" (Simon Geller, page 3)?

Many thanks, in anticipation.
Katja Leyendecker
= = = =
Chair, Newcastle Cycling Campaign
Constitution and annual reports incl financial statements here


  1. Hi Katja.

    In response to your questions:-

    We don't normally publish our accounts online although they are not secret and you can read the 2012 accounts here:-

    You can also obtain copies of all our currently available returns from Companies House.

    2) After 2010-11, the Chair decided that we would not publish an annual report but that notes of the AGM would include a record of the activities we had undertaken during the course of the year. The notes from the 2013 AGM are here:

    and for 2012 they are here:-

    3) We have always supported the call for high-quality segregated infrastructure alongside major roads since the days of our "Campaign for High Standards"

    We continue to be disappointed by the implementation of cycleways in the UK - the London Cycling Superhighways being the most recent example - and that is why we have organised "Going Dutch" conferences in the UK over the past two years, working with the Dutch Embassy, in an attempt to address the skills deficit that is apparent in UK traffic engineers, including a recent one in Newcastle.

    Lastly may I say that we are in the process of transitioning to a new website so our online resources are not fully available at the moment, and we apologise for any difficulty you may have had finding information on the old site. Also I was on holiday when you first posted your request and it has only just come to my attention this morning so apologies for any delay in replying.

    Simon Geller
    Secretary, Cyclenation

    1. Hi Simon

      Thanks for the helpful reply. Over the coming days, weeks... I will read and digesting info. Currently however I do experience problems accessing and downloading two documents (probably due to your website revamp).

      Notes from 2012 AGM ( - the link requires access permission, which I have requested so you may get a notification at your end.

      The link is broken - any chance of reinstating the link, or you could email the document.

      Notes from the 2013 AGM ( and Accounts 2012 - were both okay to download.