Friday 25 October 2013

Questions for NE1 - The How(ling)

They want car parking. Lots of it. They support free car parking in Newcastle city centre after five. They want happy shoppers, lots of them, and have a brochure full of smiley people in car-free places - see excerpts below. I could not find one overtly positioned car!

They want it all. But the how is just not clear.

Who are they? NE1. The retailers of Newcastle city centre. Maybe they are planning to rewrite the Laws of Physics. The alternative would be to support car restraint. What's the more likely to happen of the two options?

Maybe NE1 are literate folks. I feel Newcycling's info sheet cycling and retail [pdf] could be of use to them. And Newcycling have also written a rather inspirational reply to Newcastle's urban core plans including more transformational impressions of people places.

Renew - NE1 brochure

Renew - NE1 brochure

Renew - NE1 brochure

Renew - NE1 brochure

NE1 are also (quite rightly of course!) boasting about the excellent ScratchBikes!

Renew - NE1 brochure

The brochure states that the "following people currently make up the Board". Maybe they care to get in touch and explain their inverse metaphysical approach. The vision (in images, pictures, above) is there - but the realisation of The How is not.

David Quinn*,
Chairman, MD, Fenwick

Gavin Black*
Deputy-Chairman, Gavin Black and Partners

Sean Bullick*
Chief Executive, NE1 Ltd

Adam Serfontein*
MD, Hanro Group

Nigel Wright
MD, Nigel Wright Recruitment

Linda Conlon*
Chief Executive, International Centre for Life

Tom Caulker
Owner, World Headquarters nightclub

David Faulkner
Elected member, Newcastle City Council

Isabella Miller*
MD, John Lewis, Newcastle

John Goddard*
Emeritus Professor, Newcastle University

Bob Senior
MD, Utopian Leisure

Barry Speker
Samuel Phillips Law Firm

Robin Knight
Commercial Director, Stagecoach North East

Michael Johnson
Elected member, Newcastle City Council

Andrew Lewis*
Assistant Chief Executive, Newcastle City Council

Sir Len Fenwick
Chief Executive, Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals

Neil Barker

Geoff O’Brien
Elected member, Newcastle City Council

*denotes Executive Committee member

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