Sunday, 9 December 2012

Why can't we do it too?

Cycle continuity...

It's a mystery to me why the UK cannot provide cycle continuity at bus stops. What are they afraid of? Maybe this new sign will find DfT approval soon... it would certainly accurately reflect their attitude towards folks on bikes.


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  1. People hate cyclists because they break the traditional expensive=better pairing. Cyclists are seen as "freeloaders" as we don't have to pay any kind of "access fees" to use the roads, nor to we need insurance and our fuel is the self same food everyone else eats (just in vastly greater quantities with none of the normally associated pitfalls of doing so ;-)).

    I think really most peoples loathing is actually a misplaced feeling of jealousy, although it's a sense of subjective safety that stops most of them joining our club which probably doesn't help as we are also then seen as incredibly brave and/or stupid to partake in such an activity.